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Do you want to deepen your relationship with clay on a potter's wheel for two?

Are you interested in how coordinated you are, how much you trust each other?

What can be created when you join forces and help each other to awaken creativity?

Connect four hands and two hearts in one moment, explore your relationship and discover the depth of your love.

Posnetek zaslona 2024-02-29 170603_edited.jpg
Posnetek zaslona 2024-02-29 170514_edited.jpg

The workshop is intended for two people who would like to spend time together in a slightly different way, create shared memories and preserve them forever in the product they create at the workshop.

The workshop is not only intended for couples, any workshop can also be attended by a friend, a mother with her daughter, or a grandmother with her grandchild. Of course, also all fathers and grandfathers in any relationship with their loved ones.

At the workshop, you will play on the pottery wheel, where you will join four hands and create an unforgettable experience. After glazing and baking, you take your artwork home as a souvenir of your shared adventure.

The price of 250 EUR includes all materials, all accessories and glazing and 2x baking of the product.

The workshop takes place on Saturdays from 14:00 to 16:15 at Cesta borcev 7, Radomlje

All additional information will be sent to your email address upon purchase of the workshop.

For any additional questions, write to me at the address:

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