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When you touch the clay, an impulse awakens, which takes you on a very special adventure of exploring your precious being.


You discover your potential, you free yourself from shackles, limitations ...

This impulse awakens the heart and takes it on a path of free expression through the art of design and endless possibilities.

This is the moment when the ancient wisdom written in clay and the opportunity to create something completely new with the spark of your essence meet.

"I remember myself…

I was organized, conscientious, I followed a system that dictated guidelines that I was sure I had to follow and achieve. So that I will be successful, happy and that I will thereby make those around me happy. I followed them. And I reached them.

Until life took me through unexpected events and difficult situations that slowed my pace. That's when I realized that, with everything I have, I am completely empty. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted.

This was the moment when I allowed myself to step out and take a look at what I carry inside. I awakened true creativity and began to create a completely new path. Purely my own, unknown, not yet formed. But my heart told me it is the right one.

I am still treading this path and exploring it every day. Creativity has taken wings and sometimes I fly. :D

I know who I am and I know what I want. Even more,...with what I am, I create what I want."


What do you carry inside you?


There is a path from the pile of clay to the cup. 

The path which I go on with my greatest joy, passion and love.

Step by step I walk along the path and every step presents a unique adventure, where I surrender myself to clay and in return, clay enriches me with the most beautiful experience and awakens ideas within me. This mutual beneficial process creates new forms of all shapes and colours.

Even the first contact with clay is a special adventure to me. The first touch of clay... every touch creates a new shape, new creation... contact with a piece of Mother Earth that is so genuine, so natural and so perfect.

I have infinite gratitude that a raw pile of clay is my inspiration that sets me on a road full of  adventure again and again and every path is a story in itself.

I feel infinite gratitude to be able to tell stories through ceramics to you.

Thank you from my heart. 


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