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"A piece of nature, hand-formed, carefully finished. Each piece so simple, so imperfectly perfect...unique.”


Happiness is a choice. A button that can be pressed at any time.

Each person carries within themselves their own authentic happiness, which is of a different color and shape than the happiness of other people.


It's nice if we remind ourselves of this many times. 💫 Or maybe we remind someone else of this with a little attention.


Buttons can also be a wonderful decoration on clothes, bags, hats...



- diameter 2.5 cm

- thickness 4mm



    Each piece is hand-crafted and carefully crafted, the uniqueness and range of colored glazes offer an abundance of results also in terms of shades and surface details. This means that each piece is completely unique. No product will ever be exactly the same as another. Throughout the entire creation process, each product passes through my hands several times, giving it the energy of love and warmth that only a handmade piece has. Energy that you can feel and that creates a special and unique experience when using it.


    Stoneware is a type of ceramics. It is made of special clay that can be fired at temperatures above 1200°C. As an example - traditional Slovenian red clay ceramics are fired at 1050°C, and porcelain at 1300°C. High-temperature stoneware has special properties - it is resistant to mechanical and chemical influences, has low porosity and hardly absorbs water. Such products are solid, resistant to crumbling, and more compact to the touch.


    It takes about three weeks to go from wet clay to a usable product. During creation, the product goes through several stages of production, and to this we must add the time required for drying, firing and cooling. The process is time-consuming, but it creates durable products that last forever when used properly.

    See the FAQ below for more information.

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